Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Holidays are fun."

I waited to see my home desperately,
this time i don't want to be lonely;

Talking to my dear friend and fighting with them is fun,
arguing over anything and listening to none;

Going for a long drive everyday just to enjoy time,
If i remember her my friend call it a crime,
i tell them not to speak of her or car will go at 145;

A glimpse of reality of this world,
knowing things which make my mouth wide open,
and later thinking  is it possible,
and then one thing hits my mind these guys have done impossible;

My mobile doesn't ring, i am having peace,
The memories to be deleted piece by piece;

The difficult part is over and i am ready to face my fears,
I want this pain to go away and so with my tears;

I never thought i would be happy,
i want to say holidays are fun.

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