Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"I am letting you go."

I had a dream to see you as my bride,
But you did unforgivable and that dream has died.

I could have have forgiven you, i think sometimes,
But you have done it so many times.

You talk about love and yet you spit on it,
But you don't want to admit.

I had many chances to do what i wanted so desperately,
But i let it go because it is not my way,
You can't do that for someone you love the most,
Yet you think you are great.

This time i have emerged as strongest,
For love i can wait the longest.

I don't cry for not having true love,
I am happy just because i have given you my true love.

Love would be there for you in my heart,
this time you won't get it
because i am letting you go.

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